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Waived Initiation
Waived Food Minimum
NO Assessments

Denise Snyder,
410.252.8484 ext 105



I had a really bad experience at another club, between the golf tournaments and the heavy tee schedule, there was no time for me to play at my own private club.  I got frustrated and left.  I expressed my concerns to Denise Snyder, the Membership Director and she was so pleasant and understanding and had LOTS of patience with all of my many questions.  I now have been a members for six months and it has been a great experience.  From the Golf Pros, (who actually take time out of their schedule to play with the members), to the Superintendent Doug, who does an extraordinary job with the golf course, to the members who took time to play golf with me before joining and especially to the entire staff for great food, many different events and always making me feel "at home" at "my private country club".
    ~Michael J.

We are a young married couple that lives downtown, we got tired of the "nightclub" scene and we enjoy tennis, so we decided to join TGCC and we absolutely LOVE IT!  We have made a lot of new friends.
    ~Jeff and Heather C. 


I am a new member and I was a little hesitant about joining by myself.  I brought my friends with me the first day of my membership and my friends thought I had been a member for a while...they couldn't believe it was my first day and how friendly everyone was.  I am so excited to continue meeting new people and the fun times ahead.  I am proud to say I am a member at TGCC! 

    ~Amy R.

We were seasonal tennis members and when the summer was over, our membership ended.  We missed our friends so much that we decided to join as full members. 
    ~Karen and Sean O.



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Weddings or Special Events
Wedding, Party, Business Meeting, no matter what the event,
TGCC is the perfect venue
with a beautiful view!
Great do NOT have to be a member to host an event
at our club!

We will make that "Special Event"
a day to remember!

Trish Adams,
Ishwar Sharma, 410.252.8484


For Current Membership Promotions Contact:

Denise Snyder, Membership Director
410.252.8484 ext 105


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Reduced pricing for under 40 years old

 Discount monthly dues for under the age of 40

Ages 21-25 reduce dues by 68%  
Ages 26-29 reduce dues by 57%  

Ages 30-34 reduce dues by 50%  
Ages 35-37 reduce dues by 38%
Ages 38-39 reduce dues by 25%

    features and benefits:  

A la carte Memberships
Weekday Golf

  Golf, Tennis, Pool, Social

Business Memberships
Trial Membership
No Long Term Commitment
Waived Initiation
Waived Food Minimum
No Assessments
Social Events All Year Round

All Memberships are available for Families, Couples
(including domestic couples), and Individuals  

Towson Golf and Country Club is the country club that you always dreamed of one day joining,

Today is the day!