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Weddings or Special Events
Wedding, Party, Business Meeting, no matter what the event,
TGCC is the perfect venue
with a beautiful view!
Great do NOT have to be a member to host an event
at our club!

We will make that "Special Event"
a day to remember!

Trish Adams,
Ishwar Sharma,

This is what our "new"  members are saying about TGCC...

 Happy Hours are always well attended and enjoyable.
             ~Peggy C.


I am a new member and I was a little hesitant about joining by myself.  I brought my friends with me the first day of my membership and my friends thought I had been a member for a while...they couldn't believe it was my first day and how friendly everyone was.  I am so excited to continue meeting new people and the fun times ahead.  I am proud to say I am a member at TGCC! 

           ~Amy R.


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One Year Trial
Weekday Only 

Under 40 Years Old
Seasonal Tennis and Pool

Denise Snyder,
410.252.8484 ext 105

              SPECIAL EVENTS

Call Denise at 410-252-8484 ext 105 to inquire regarding membership and current promotions


Click on the image above for your personalized membership pricing!
Reduced pricing for under 40 years old

 Discount monthly dues for under the age of 40

Ages 21-25 reduce dues by 68%  
Ages 26-29 reduce dues by 57%  
Ages 30-34 reduce dues by 50%  
Ages 35-37 reduce dues by 38%
Ages 38-39 reduce dues by 25%


Towson Golf and Country Club is the country club
that you always dreamed of one day joining

Today is the day!

Weekday Golf
  Golf, Tennis, Pool, Social

Business Memberships

All Memberships are available for Families, Couples
(including domestic couples), and Individuals  

Weddings and Events



TGCC is a private, member-owned club, but open for rental to non-members. Our banquet rooms include:

The President's Room

A small private room suitable for business meetings, with the capacity of 16 people. For wedding receptions, the room is set-up for the bridal party, in which cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are enjoyed before the start of the reception.

The Dulaney Room

 Family, Friends and guests will be escorted to the Ballroom to enjoy the special events you are about to host. The newly renovated Ballroom is set with a patio that showcases views of the Towson Skyline and Loch Raven Reservoir. The Ballroom accommodates up to 180 guests with a 729 square foot dance floor.

Please give us a call to coordinate your event or send us an email:

Trish Adams, Assistant General Manager
410-252-8484 x104

Ishwar Sharma, Assistant Food & Beverage Manager
410-252-8484 x121